The first Practices of Linking Aspect Technology and Evolution (PLATE) workshop, held in conjunction with the 8th International Conference on Aspect-Oriented Software Development (Charlottesville, Virginia, USA), aims at advancing the state-of-the-art concerning techniques, tools and patterns for improving the software engineering properties of aspect-oriented systems in general, and the evolvability of such systems in particular.

This workshop welcomes participants from both academia and industry that are willing to share their knowledge and ideas with the community. As such, our workshop aims to attract both experience reports describing best practices obtained by the engineering of real-world, aspect-oriented systems, as well as experimental techniques and tools that improve the evolvability of software systems that use aspect technology, or that apply aspect-oriented techniques in order to improve software evolution in general.

Since our goal is to spark bright new ideas and collaborations, we opted from the start for a workshop format that emphasizes on discussion, rather than offering participants a mini-conference filled with only presentations. Therefore, the number and length of presentations at the workshop was limited, in order to maximize the discussion between workshop participants. We consider the workshop a success when the emerging issues raised by the workshop papers lead to a fruitful discussion at the workshop.

In cooperation with MoVES, a network of the IAP Programme of the Belgian State.