Software evolution lies at the heart of the software development process, and is hindered by problems such as maintainability, evolvability, understandability, etc. Aspect-oriented software development (AOSD) is an emerging software development paradigm that tries to achieve better separation of concerns. It is often claimed that aspect-oriented design and implementation improves maintainability, evolvability and understandability of the software.

This workshop aims to investigate this claim and explore the relationship between software evolution and AOSD. In particular, the workshop's objective is to study the impact of AOSD on software evolution on the one hand, and the impact of software evolution on AOSD on the other hand. The former subject could for example deal with diverse issues such as how using AOSD improves the quality of the software, and thus eases software evolution, or how existing applications can be evolved into AOSD applications. The latter subject is concerned with the way existing software evolution techniques (e.g., refactoring) are affected by AOSD, and how they should be extended in order to include AOSD concepts.

Topics such as these are important since there are many applications that continue to miss the potential advantages of AOSD because appropriate tools and techniques are not sufficiently mature, and because these advantages are not yet entirely clear. The workshop is specifically aimed at addressing these topics, presenting and providing feedback on novel research, and bringing together researchers and practitioners from academia and industry that can share their experience with applying AOSD techniques to already-existing applications.

In cooperation with MoVES, a network of the IAP Programme of the Belgian State.